CA, Love.

Food for thought.

[A thought fromt a wanderlust, post-graduate]

Pitstops were made regularly during my wanders through Southern California. Like the one while getting lost in the hills of Malibu (mom riding 10 & 2 full force, low key pulling off the side of the road to take pictures of the beautiful scenery we had promised ourselves we would experience via foot during our “hike”),

or the stop to grab a burger at the infamous In-N-Out Burger. I must say as an east coast local seeing the florescent yellow bolt of a logo as seen on Pinterest, raised high in the sky, I was amped. So amped that I happened to house an entire cheeseburger, fry and wash it down with a root-beer and then again do the same thing just 2 days later… Shameless. Not sure if it’s just that cool west coast vibe the In-N-Out chain gives off (or my sneaky love for fast food) but eating it didn’t make me feel bad. I mean I don’t hit Five Guys, Johny Rockets or Wendy’s (the junior bacon cheeseburger though) 2x a week let alone 2x a month when I’m back home. However it’s something about a ‘vacation’ that makes things like eating fast food 2 days in a row 10x more guilt free and socially acceptable.

I guess that’s why I’ve always loved vacation. Wouldn’t it be something if we could all carry that carefree mindset back to reality once we arrive home from our lovely vacations. Not saying I would start eating Burger King on a regular basis but it would be nice to not feel so obligated to live life going through the motions or rushing to get from point A to B because there’s so much to get done in a day. Why is it that we can’t give ourselves an extra 10 minutes here and there so that we can say hi and maybe engage in genuine conversation with the person behind the counter making our coffee in the morning. Or even take an extra 5 minutes when we wake up so that we can take in the beautiful sunrise we ignore each morning on our way into work. What makes it so wrong to “get lost” every now and then in our realities.

Life seems to get boring and repetative when we catch ourselves just going through the motions of every day activities. Having the same coffee each monring, interacting with the same people we see at work everyday, seeing to many familiar faces that we forget to introduce ourselves to strangers. It’s important to occassionally think outside the box and switch things up in our daily routines. Why not try shopping at a new grocery store next time the fridge is empty, or drive a while until we hit a new hiking trail, try dinner somewhere in town we’ve never been. Make our lives more interesting!

Wake up every morning and be open to new ideas, people and ways of living. Yes, I understand that some of us have families, full-time jobs and obligations. Things in life that make vacationing seem impossible. It’s understandable that not everyone can treat everyday like a vacation, we all have our own issues to deal with and responsibilities that we must take care of… but we should each try something new once a day, even once a week. Some of us might need to start with once a month. It’s important to get creative and stop living our realities in auto-pilot. There’s more to life than work.

[Maybe I’m just young and naive, or well traveled]

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