45 hours… I call shot gun!

Cross Country Road Trip.

15 States, 45 hours : 

           Massachusetts         Rhode Island
           Conneticut                 New York
           New Jersey                 Delaware
           Maryland                    Virginia
           North Carolina         Tennessee
           Arkansas                    Texas
           New Mexico               Arizona


[Saturday,  January 2; 10:00 am]

 Frantically packing because I’m supposed to hit the road by 12:30 pm. 12:30 rolls around my bestfriend shows up, the little kids I babysit, Keeb, H,  my family, everyone I love in one place. Looks like I’m not leaving until 5. Dad orders Nachos, Wings, Quesadilla’s all the healthy stuff. A birthday cake is lit up to celerbate my not so little sisters 18th birthday, gifts are exchanged along with several laughs but even more tears. 4 o’clock hits, Kylee leaves for music. Hardest goodbye, over with. Heading back to the family and friends thinking I’ve pulled myself together, nope tears start flowing again. Final goodbyes are said along with a “GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE”, from dad to lighten the mood. Now we’re on the road. Within what seemed like minutes we were in Rhode Island, Connecticut and then New York. While dad was on cruise control I was surfing the ‘web’, responding to all the amazing, heartfelt good luck messages I had recieved throughout the day. Ugh, I freaking love my friends. Starting to doubt myself and the move I think to myself;  WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS? Trying to clear the anxiety I start making jokes with my dad and before we know it we’ve passed MetLife stadium, drove through Delaware and were now passing the Ravens stadium. The hunger kicks in. 7 States down, 8 to go. The nachos and wings are no longer going to suffice the hunger for the night. Seeing as we ate them around 3 and it’s now midnight (we’ve drove 8 hours already!?).

Dad insists we stop at a Waffle House. Dad’s driving, it’s his choice. So, we pull off the highway upon passing the nearest Waffle House. We’re in Virginia, this place gives off awful vibes. We walk into Waffle House, i’ll have you know this was my first Waffle House experience. Greeted by Timothy, who has a camo jumpsuit on, a southern accent and a tear drop tattoo just under his left eye… My hands begin shaking. “You’re just hungry you haven’t eaten since 3”, says Dad. My inner anxiety screaming hungry my ass, this is the weirdest place, state, restaurant EVER. After drinking probably 5 waters as a result of my anxiousness we get our food, pay the lovely Timothy,  I stop shaking and we’re back on the road. Due to the lack of positive energy I was feeling during what seemed like our endless drive through Virginia, Dad now on board with my thoughts of this state being crazy we decide to drive straight through to North Carolina. Once the “Welcome to NC” sign appeared we pulled off the dark, spooky highway and found a Hampton Inn. Feeling skittish from my Waffle House experience I made sure we parked my car full of what I would consider my life in front of the lobby incase anyone sketchy decided to try and break in. It took me about 4 hours to fall asleep. Fell asleep at 7 am that night and woke up at 9:30 am. Safe to say I took a two hour cat nap.

[Sunday,  January 3; 9:30 am]

Feeling groggy we decided to search for a coffee shop nearby. IdkCoffee was the name of the shop, sounds cute right? We pull up to the shop which looks similar to an old country store. Walking in with an open mind only to be absolutely blind-sided. This coffee shop 150% violates the health code, health inspection whatever it is. I ask the guy behind the counter what’s popular here: his response a little bit of this a little bit of that. Okay, thanks for the suggestion bro. Next question. Are you from around here? his response; no down the street. Anyways, this so called IdkCoffee shop is I don’t know definitily not a coffee shop! But instead someone’s house? The fridge he got our coffee from was an actual home fridge, ice cubes were popped directly from the freezer tray, oh and the cream cheese I used to spread on my bagel that I TOASTED IN A POP UP TOASTER, was a block of cream cheese already opened and used by who knows. My dad used the bathroom and on his way saw a guy passed out in one of the many rooms on a couch with beer cans surrounding him. So I obviously then went to the bathroom to see that beautiful sight. The bathroom had old bath and body works products for sale. “3 for $4”, classy. Well safe the say we got the hell out of there, and threw away our coffees as dad said they “tasted like the bottom of someones foot”.


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