Secret Swings.

La Jolla Secret Swings.

Three girls, a google map app and directions based off instagram geo-tags.  We started out sketpical as a result of the thirty minutes we spent driving around aimlessly looking for “three silver poles” near the UCSD Coast Apartments, but we found our way! After scoring a parallel spot on La Jolla Shores Drive  just off of Discovery Way we made sure our flip flops were on tight for our poorly planned “hike”. Assuming that these swings weren’t far from the road Claire and I were ill prepared to say the least. Amanada on the other hand had her hiking gear. Next time remind us to listen to you Amanada.

Anyways, we made our way towards the Birch Aquarium via foot and dirt “paths”. Along the way we discovered swing #1.

After taking photos and sharing moments of nostalgia while reminiscing our childhood memories on the playground we set out to find more swings. Walking through a giant storm drain we found our way to the Birch Aquarium parking lot. There we found another trail leading up a giant dirt hill. We looked back to our instagram geo-tags and felt that the view from the top must look similar to the view we saw in the pictures and decided to go for it. Once we arrived to the top we found swing #2. A giant red bench swing.

Feeling as though two swings was enough for the day we decided to get back in the car and venture to the beach. Stopping to get sandwiches along the way of course. We went to the beach just opposite of Kellogg Park. If you’re interested in going I recommend parking on Avienda de la Playa. After finding prime time parking we stopped at the Cheese Shop – 2165 Avenida de la Playa for some sandwhiches. This shop was awesome. Loaded with sweets and cheese. I got a free sample of the best flourless cinnamon oat cookie ever. We brought our sandwiches to the beach and caught some rays. Seeing as we’re all new to the area we ventured to the water and forced ourselves to make the plunge. It was COLD. First time in the pacific as a California Resident!

The sun began to set and we decided to make our way to La Jolla Cove. Here we explored the bluffs and caught the sunset. Shoutout to the guy who took all the pictures and risked his life I mean literally he fell down the bluff while taking these.




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