Lost In The Right Direction.

Lost in the right direction.

Sometimes it’s the unexpected twists that can make all the difference in a day. Like the day Claire and I decided to go for a “short” hike. Ended up hiking 7 miles, spending two hours wandering through Mission Trails, hiking two mountains and casually making our way without a GPS or plan. Days like this remind me why I moved to San Diego. To take advantage of the beautiful land, spend time outside, with good people, losing track of time and life outside of work, drama and all that stressful life stuff… just getting lost in the best way possible.

 No joke we covered both of those “hills”. Probably climbed 2,000 feet. Safe to say my legs were SORE. Thanks to Claire and her familiarity with the trails from her mountain bike excursions we were able to make our way safely back to the car after wandering aimlessly through the trails.

^ This is Claire. She’s great. Like myself, she moved here just 6 months ago from Chicago. She, like I just kind of went for it. Took the leap of faith and hoped to land a job in the serving industry. And well that leap of faith led us both to the same job, at the same time, allowing us to meet and be the lovely friends that we are!

Another day well spent was the day I didn’t know what to do before work. I decided to take my yoga mat and a bottle of water in the basket of my bike and head to the bay. With no real plan of action I decided to lock my bike up by the Catamaran hotel and ask the water sports rental hut man to watch my stuff while I went for a run. After my run I headed back to the hut to gather my belongings… Found myself a nice spot to stretch my very sore legs from hiking with Claire the previous day. Stretching turned into some yoga. A few headstand and handstand variations later I ended up losing track of time. It was 3:30 work started at 4. I packed up my stuff and rushed home to get myself ready for work. Luckily making it in time. Anyways, the point of this whole rant about not knowing what to do with my time and just kind of winging it is that living in San Diego is allowing me to rediscover and find new things that make me happy. Like yoga.

When I studied abroad in Australia I found myself attempting random yoga poses in the living room of my Danks St. apartment. Just trying poses as seen on instagram shared by my favorite insta yogis. Once I came back from Australia I spent a few months following through with the whole yoga thing but after a few months back at school and my normal routine it fizzled out. Thinking that attempting different yoga poses may have been a phase I found myself no longer interested. However, on this random day before work I rediscovered my love for just being upside down, getting some fresh air and trying new poses. Now i’m determined to stick with it.

Aside from the realization that I want to keep at it with the yoga thing I also realized that I love hiking. Something I always thought I had no business in. So, thanks to my free time and not knowing what to do with it here in San Diego I am able to spend it finding and rediscovering things about myself and I am oh so grateful for it!

In a nutshell, I encourage you to try something new, take advantage of your free time doing something productive that might interest you. You never know you may just find a new passion for something you never imagined doing!

End positive rant. Thanks for reading!

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