Hollywood Hike.

 Los Angeles, CA 90068

The day began with a two hour car ride from San Diego to LA. Kylee (my sister) and I left around 9am on a Saturday and didn’t hit much traffic. However, we did go through toll roads in which we did not have a Fastrak or Express Account to pay. If you happen to take this route like myself you can avoid any tickets by visiting http://www.thetollroads.com and pre-paying or paying within 5 days of violating to avoid tickets!

Once we arrived in Los Angeles we stopped at the Oak’s Gourmet Market located at 1915 N Bronson Ave Los Angeles, CA 90068. This cafe was amazing. Their food was ridiculous and very reasonably priced. Kylee and I split the Ultimate BLT and added turkey… YUM. They use a roasted shallot aoli… and yup it was delish. We also got a bag of their truffle chips. They tasted just like truffle parmesan fries. I highly recommend checking out this cafe if you’re in the area. Check out their menu here!

After lunch we made our way to Beachwood Dr… to the Hollywood Sign we go!

Heading down N Beachwood Dr towards the Hollywood Sign we made our way to the corner of N Beachwood and Wetshire Dr. It is recommended that you park in this area and walk to where Beachwood Dr meets Hollyridge Dr. The parking along the road after this point is more than likely restricted during the time of your hike and you will be ticketed… I saw several cars with tickets!

 I found myself a parking spot right outside a beautiful home on Woodhaven Dr. This house seriously looked like a castle though. The coral house was my favorite!

After parking we made our way up N Beachwood Dr towards the entrance to Sunset Ranch. Sunset Ranch is where the horses are kept. Instead of hiking the trail via foot they offer horseback hikes. Once we entered the gate to Sunset Ranch we made our way up the steep paved road. Before the ranch we took a right to begin the hike! After passing the signs warning of snakes and fire potential we arrived at our first plateau of the hike. Distracted by the city view in front of us we snapped several pictures before realizing what was behind us. We had our first good view of the front of the Hollywood sign.

We continued up the dirt paths following the massive amounts of horse sh*t.

 [ Sidenote: we packed sunblock which is a definite must (my tan lines were brutal because I refused to put any on because I wanted a “tan”). Also speaking of sports bras I wore my new IVY Park one. It’s part of Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection which was released earlier this month. They sell them at TopShop in black, white and coral! ]

We continued up the windy path stopping at each plateau in the trail to snap pictures of the city view. Gradually we got higher and higher and the views were absolutely stunning! I really enjoyed this hike the entire way both up and down!  After about 20 minutes uphill on the trails there was a sneaky fork which split completely up and to the left of the path we were following (Kylee and I missed it going about 30 minutes in the wrong direction only to make our way back to this sneaky fork). SO, heads up! Look for a sneaky fork in the path and go left (it should feel like you’re walking above the path you just were on).

Once you make your way around this trail you will have your second good view of the front of the Hollywood sign. I recommend taking some pictures here! We continued down the path and got to a paved road. The paved road gradually got steeper and it continued like this for at least a mile. The road wrapped around the back of the sign and up to the top. The views during this part of the hike were probably the best. You got a 360 degree view of LA.

As we made our way up what felt like a never ending STEEP-paved road there were several people passing us while running UP the hill. I was mortified. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT! I mean it’s definitely on my list of things to do so we’ll see but til them I’m blown away at people’s ability to keep it cool while running uphill for what seemed to be at least 30 minutes. Talk about stamina. Anyways props to those people.

Kylee and I made it to the top. We were walking directly behind the fence and realized we could still go up. I highly recommend doing this. Walk towards the scary looking secured area and around the hill to the left and up. This view will allow you to see the Hollywood sign from above. That way the no-trespassing fence will not be in your way.

It’s very windy at the top. It actually felt really refreshing though! It was a cooler breeze. The views from behind the hollywood sign are ridiculous.

1,098 feet above the city! 


It feels like quite the accomplishment reaching the top. Make sure you snap lots of photos and if you have a go pro, bring it!

We made our way back down the trails to the car. The hike down is SO much easier than the hike up. Walking down the hills with a smile on your face because you’ve already made it to the top is such a good/guilty feeling as you pass the hikers who are still on their way up. During our hike down we passed a group of what seemed like 7 year olds on horses. I was so caught of guard when one little girl and her horse were far back from the rest of the group and I heard her little voice say “c’mon Tiny we gotta catch up”. The boy ahead of her yelled back “give him a kick”. Too funny watching this whole thing play out and so crazy that they were only like 7!

Kylee and I hustled past the horses so we didn’t have to deal with the smell the rest of the way down. Once we made it to the bottom of the hill we were pretty thirsty… seeing as we brought a total of two water bottles combined for our THREE-HOUR hike. We stopped at the Beachwood Cafe to grab some water and a juice. I got the watermelon cold press called The Quench. Safe to say it quenched my thirst and satisfied my watermelon deficiency if that were a thing. The juice had 3 lbs of produce!

 After our long day of hiking we drove through Beverly Hills and did a little sight seeing. We stopped for a slice of pizza on our way to Huntington Beach where we stayed in a hotel for the night! This was probably one of my favorite weekends I’ve had since I’ve moved here. I got to spend time with my sister while exploring a new city in the new state that I now live in. It made me realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing and supportive family and how awesome California is. There’s so much to do and see here. I am determined to have more weekends like this!

Oh and the next day, Sunday… my best friend met us in Huntington and spent a few days with me! Another reason why I am just so lucky to have such awesome family and friends who I can make these crazy memories with! Can’t we just be roommates again? ASAP!

Ps. While Kylee and I were driving down N Beachwood Dr trying to find parking I am almost 100% positive I saw my girl crutch Tash Oakly whipping her Benz into the gates of a beautiful home. No joke. The Benz was the same as shown in her insta and it was her! Had to have been her. She also uploaded a picture of her in her Monday Active workout line that same day I saw her driving. The picture was of her DOING THE HOLLYWOOD HIKE! … coincidence, craziness. She’s basically living my dream life… and if you don’t know who i’m talking about toss her a follow i’m sure you’ll feel the same way! @tashoakley 

Til next time… Thanks for reading!

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