Blocked up, Matching kini’s for Ho Chi


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9883 La Jolla Farms Rd

La Jolla, CA 92037


It’s been a WHILE since my last post and i’m feeling real guilty about it. So here’s a quick one. Last Thursday, Claire, Keri and myself decided to check out Ho Chi Trail by Torrey Pines and Black’s Beach (a nude beach, incase you were wondering). However, I did not see one naked bum!


The Ho Chi trail was super short but really cool. I highly recommend checking out this area. Also, pack a towel so you can take a dip once you get to the beach! We parked in a neighborhood off Farms Road in La Jolla which was full of beautiful, unaffordable to the average human homes. Us girls established that the landscaping and upkeep of some of the greenery outside some of the homes may be more expensive than our rent… per year. We also decided that we should create a landscaping company – get tan, while working outside of beautiful homes, yes please. Chick landscapers? … The new pool boys. Anyways, After parking we applied our sunblock (I applied my new Head Hunter War Paint to my nose and lips to prevent any more damage!)




Next we made our way to the trail. As we worked our way down the path surfers ran past us with their boards, no shoes and wet suits on. We split up the trail to the top to check out the views. Up top was amazing! The sun was shining bright making the water look as if we were off a tropical island. Hang gliders were taking off from the bluff to our right and surfers were ripping waves below. I really enjoyed being at the top. After snapping several pictures we made our way down “the short cut” which was a little steep for our liking.






On our way back down towards the main beach trail Keri almost took another wipe out similar to the one at Three Sisters. Which, by the way she posted on Instagram and hash tagged hiking fails and received $100 from a company for. They negotiated a deal via email and made her sign a contract in regards to using the video for their own marketing purposes! Getting hurt while hiking has it’s benefits to say the least.



We made our way down the Ho Chi Trail to the beach along the way passing several surfers. RESPECT to surfers who surf Black’s. Maneuvering through the tiny paths and staying on my two feet without a board was tough never mind hauling one above my head. Once we reached the opening to the beach there was a large run off of water from above creating a misty waterfall! Around the bend of the falls to the beach there was a rope to assist us down to the beach. [Of course the surfers just majestically glide down, without the ropes assistance, while holding their boards]. Ugh, surfers are so cool.




The waves at the beach were BIG. Us girls set up our towels, caught some rays and watched the surfers. The people surfing knew what they were doing, straight up vets. Made me feel like a serious rookie… I’m literally afraid to turtle a 3 foot wave. We took a dip in the water and it was pretty chilly! We had work at 5 so we headed home and stopped for wings at Dirty Birds on the way. Honey mustard wings and a basket of tater tots from Dirty Birds in PB is the ish. The place is a hidden gem and they do industry discount. Safe to say we mowed down!


Just another awesome Thursday exploring new parts of our awesome new neighborhood!


Til next time.

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