Potato, PATATO.

Potato, PATATO.

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via Mt. Woodson Trail

14644 Lake Poway Road

Poway, CA 92064

Total Distance: 7.3 miles rt


Before continuing with my post about Potato Chip Rock I have to say one thing… I AM LIVING WITH MY BEST FRIENDS AGAIN! My east coast ladies, college roommates, best friends in a nutshell my humans have made the cross country move. I am so proud of them for having the courage to drop what they were doing back home and trust whatever it was that drove them to take the leap. There is so much to come for them and I am oh, so excited to watch it unfold. Taking the leap of faith into the unknown is not for everyone but I must say I am so happy it was for them! Now I got my people with me here on the west coast. Ps. if you’re on the seesaw, teetering between the idea of living the life you are right now or jumping into something that scares the absolute sh+T out of you, you should probably act on it… and act on it ASAP because it’s probably the most badass thing you could do.

Meet them: Natalie aka Natalz is far left, Clare to her right.

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Okay, Now back to the POTATO CHIP!


Upon arriving to Lake Poway be sure to have $5 cash to pay for parking. Once you enter the lot stay to the right and park in the back lot. The hike begins at the Mt. Woodson Trail signs by the public bathrooms. The trail wraps around the lake for about a mile before it reaches the actual trail head. From there it is 2.9 miles to the summit of Mt. Woodson aka Potato Chip Rock.

IMG_5890.JPGIn general the hike is a steady incline. Take advantage of any shady spots you may pass along the way for water breaks. The girls and I stopped one too many times, slugging WAY to much water – in other words drinking all of our water before reaching the top. Luckily the hike back down was all downhill taking away the need for water we had felt on our way up. We started the hike around 9:30 am and found it to be hot but nothing unbearable.

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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetWe reached the top around 11:30. It had taken us roughly 2 hours to make it from the car to the trail head and then to the summit (.75 + 2.9 mi for a total of 3.65 mi). We arrived to the top and Clare had her fair share of “I just don’t get it… it does not look like a potato chip at all moments”. I did my best to explain but to be completely honest – I don’t think it looks like a potato chip either. Regardless, it’s Potato Chip rock and we made it. The views from up top were pretty awesome. Peep some of the pics below.


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Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThe line to snap a picture on the famous Potato Chip was only about 15 minutes. I’ve heard of people waiting for hours at a time to get their pictures so I was VERY happy to have only waited 15 minutes. It was a Saturday around noon when we went and it surprisingly wasn’t too crowded!


^ On our way up… when all I wanted was an actual bag of potato chips. Also, note to everyone that the one green water bottle pictured was not enough. Per usual – ill prepared to say the least.

On our way down we saw a park ranger picking up a dog in a golf cart. The dogs owner ran beside the golf cart the rest of the way down. It was sad to see the pup suffering from heat exhaustion (also, don’t worry – the pup did seem like he was going to be okay!) however the visual of the dogs owner running alongside the dog (a shirtless, tan, buff guy – smokeshow) could have been a scene out of some chick flick titled “A Man’s Best friend”.  I wish I snapped a picture but I didn’t… must have been distracted, by the man jogging – I mean the adorable dog.

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Processed with VSCO with f2 presetAnyways, the girls and I stopped at the nearest gas station on our way home to pick up some gatorades. The thirst was REAL. I crushed a  cool blue – obviously. Once we got home I had an hour to kill until work so Clare and I went for some tacos at Fat Fish. One of my favorite taco spots in PB. Their chips and salsa are addicting, but make sure you get a side of habanero. I don’t think there’s been a time i’ve gone and haven’t gotten a refill or two on the basket of chips… I got a carne asada and chicken taco. After tacos Clare dropped me off at work – such a gem. Thanks babe.

I was exhausted by 6 o’clock but I made some money and had a decent night at work!

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Til next time! Peace out cub scouts.





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